1. Found a robin’s nest yesterday— spring’s here! 

  2. WIP update. 

  3. My Professor said to draw a castle, so I made a sci-fi castle. 

  4. My Thesis is pretty much complete at this point! Here’s one of my images made today for it (plus collage of one of the illustrations)

  5. Another of my thesis illustrations!!! This one will be available as a for-sale print at the show opening… 


  6. So my professor for my thesis said I should sell some prints during the show, and I asked him what he thought I should sell them for (mind, they are about 7.5x10 inch prints of my illustrations).



    I was thinkin’, like, $10-15 but OKAY YOU’VE GOT EXPERIENCE IN THIS????

    (I might sell them for $20-40 depending on size and paper quality stuff…)

  7. Peacock Feathers I photographed a while back. 

  8. In my thesis, eggs mysteriously grow from the ground. 

  9. anceyleestar:

    Managed to be working on a tundra swan and a ruby-throated hummingbird simultaneously the other week in the research department. (both died naturally or from accidental causes). Decided to show this amazing size difference between these birds. 

    just a reminder to this blog I work in the bird division of a zoology museum right now (part time)

  10. So here’s some more bird illustrations for my thesis book! Been working non-stop today on these… 

  11. another illustration for thesis. Bwoop. Heron family. 

  12. Adoption

  13. Turtle Fish

  14. reworked a drawing today for class. NOT from observation. 

  15. I switched to working in digital in my design drawing class: which is largely a speed-drawing course on how to draw objects.